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High stability oilseeds from Corteva Agriscience are grown under an identity preservation (IP) program that ensures and preserves the quality of the crop and its oil. As a result, our High Stability Oils can be followed from the region where farmers grow the crop to the facilities where harvested seeds become oil. The IP program increases the level of transparency for consumers who are requesting it from their food providers.

Traceable ingredients are increasingly important in North America where consumers have questions about where their food comes from. By offering a traceable supply of high stability oilseeds, we can meet consumer demand for supply chains that produce healthy ingredients.

The future of our global food system depends on maintaining the farms of today and inspiring the farms of tomorrow. It is critical that we have enough land, knowledge and people to meet the needs of a growing global population. We can do that by providing farmers with seed technology that helps them meet consumer food demands and government requirements, and fits within their environmental realities (e.g., growing season, moisture, temperature, etc.). When we offer value-added opportunities, such as high stability oils for the food industry, it helps provide increased income and an expanded market at harvest, which also helps attract the next generation to farming. The combination of data, innovation, and adaptation demonstrates the nimbleness and excitement that are so integral to agriculture today and helps attract the next generation of farmers who are looking to make their mark.


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