High fiber durum wheat from Corteva Agriscience

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Developed to meet the diverse needs of the industry

Trusource™ wheat, a high fiber durum, delivers improved nutrition with the taste and texture expected in traditional pasta and baked goods, meeting the demands of the food industry and consumers.


Trusource™ wheat

Why high fiber durum wheat?

Trusource™ wheat is an innovative crop grown from Corteva Agriscience™ seeds to help consumers get more fiber into their diet. Flour from Trusource™ wheat contains more than double the amount of fiber compared to flour from traditional wheat. It contains higher levels of amylose starch, which has low digestibility and is known to support improved gut health and blood sugar management, increases satiety and reduces the body's inflammatory response. The flour made from Trusource™ wheat is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications including pastas and baked goods.

Trusource™ wheat has been developed using modern plant breeding technologies and does not require additional nutritional fiber fortifiers. This may reduce manufacturing production costs and improve margins for pasta makers, while delivering the cleaner labels consumers seek.

Trusource™ wheat is produced from Corteva Agriscience™ seeds and grown in Canada with regenerative agriculture farming practices. Canadian durum uses 85% less irrigation and leaves a 30% lower carbon footprint than Italian-grown wheat.1 Trusource™ wheat is grown under an identity preservation (IP) to ensure the highest quality wheat can be traced from the farm to the mill. In select scenarios, this may allow for inclusion of quantitative sustainability and production data.

Source: 1Cereals Canada Environmental Sustainability of Canadian Durum Wheat, 2024 

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Flour made from Trusource™ wheat contains more than twice the amount of fiber than traditional wheat and gives consumers more dietary fiber without sacrificing taste. 

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Trusource™ wheat from Corteva Agriscience offers a traditional sensory experience to deliver industry needs.

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