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Advancing Food

Exceeding consumer and industry ingredient expectations

Ingredients with marketable value

Value-Added Ingredients produced from Corteva Agriscience™ seeds are easy-to-use and can be integrated into formulations for new or existing products and foodservice operations of all types. We work directly with farmers who plant crops that can be harvested to generate needed volumes, allowing us to help coordinate supply through leading food ingredient processing partners for your operational needs.

Our ingredients are grown under identity preservation (IP) to help enable traceability from the farm to the ingredient processor and deliver on your needs to meet consumer preferences.

Delivering on consumer preference drivers

Taste and texture

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Taste is the most important attribute consumers seek in food, with nearly nine in ten stating it impacts their decision to buy certain foods.1 Our high stability oils have a clean taste to let big, bold flavors shine, while the texture of our high fiber wheat matches the traditional sensory experience consumers demand in pasta and baked goods.

Better-for-you nutrition

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Over 60% of consumers are looking for products that support healthfulness1 and our Value-Added Ingredients are developed to deliver improved nutrition. Our high stability oils have reduced bad fats and increased healthy fats, and Trusource™ wheat, our high fiber durum, better meets consumers’ needs for increased dietary fiber.

Clean labels

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Nearly 30% of consumers regularly purchase products labeled with clean ingredients.1 Our high stability oils are developed to be used without additional stabilizers and our high fiber wheat is developed without nutritional fortifiers.

1 International Food Information Council, 2023 Food and Health Survey, 2023