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High Stability Oils from Corteva Agriscience offer increased and superior functionality to meet industry needs.


Fry Life

The superior High Stability Oils from Corteva Agriscience offer a unique fatty acid profile that enables a longer, cleaner fry life for the foodservice industry resulting in fewer oil changes and lower labor costs. ​

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Reduce Polymerization

Polymerization is a chemical process that occurs when oils are used for an extended period. The buildup of oil on frying and manufacturing equipment is a result of polymerization, which increases oil viscosity, decreases oil quality and leaves a sticky film on restaurant and manufacturing surfaces. By switching to the high stability oils from Corteva Agriscience, you are enabling a longer, cleaner fry life and reducing the amount of buildup on equipment. 

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Business Impact

Switching to High Stability Oils from Corteva Agriscience can deliver real and immediate cost, nutrition and sustainability benefits to your business. The superior functionality of the oils helps deliver usage-driven cost savings for the food industry by enabling a longer, cleaner, fry-life, resulting in fewer oil changes and less food waste. Additionally, the unique fatty acid profiles of the high stability oils provide a solution for the clean labels that consumers are demanding. 

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