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How Seed Becomes Oil

High Stability Oils from Corteva Agriscience include Omega-9 Canola Oil and Plenish® high oleic soybean oil. Learn more about the development of both high stability oil seeds and the benefits they provide.

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High oleic oils offer multiple benefits

Omega-9 Canola Oil

Omega-9 Canola Oil has a unique combination of high oleic, low-linolenic and low-saturated fatty acids that gives the oils exceptional stability and superior performance and flavor attributes. Omega-9 Canola Oil offers a proven solution for the food service and food manufacturing industries.

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Plenish® high oleic soybean oil

Health-conscious consumers expect foods with labels that say 0g trans-fat. Food manufacturers and restaurants are transitioning to oils that can meet this demand. Farmers want a soybean with strong agronomics and increased demand. Enter Plenish® high oleic soybeans — a Pioneer® brand soybean with a healthier and more stable oil profile and increased oil stability.

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These high stability oils are readily available through most major oil suppliers.

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